Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Here Goes Nothing... Or Everything!

Well, here I am, writing my first blog post about the adventure on which we are about to embark. We being myself, my husband and our two children Lacey and Amy (pseudonyms) and the adventure being escaping the cold, dark and snowy winter of 54° north in a 32 foot travel trailer. In reality, the winters aren't that bad if you get out and enjoy them-our daughters have enjoyed sliding, skiing, skating and much more but I have difficulty enjoying them because I must use a wheelchair (as a result of a MVA years ago) and wheelchairs and snow don't mix very well! My husband, being from a warmer climate originally, just can't see the appeal of getting cold, wet and tired while digging out a snowmobile and clearing the sidewalks or being stressed and limited by poor winter driving conditions. He has also suffered from allergies and asthma ever since we moved to this area years ago and we're hoping that leaving for six months a year will alleviate his suffering.
My Girls and I, along with our dog Z on our first camping trip.

Hubby on the same trip.

The Trailer in which we will be traveling and living.

I already school the girls through distance learning (grade 5 and kindergarten) so this adventure will just be a huge educational opportunity for them. We will spend this winter on the Oregon coast and hope to make a different region of the United States our home base each winter. We will make our home at one location and explore the surrounding area and States from there. As Canadians, we can spend a little less than six months in the United States each year without penalty, so we will be there from late October until late April each year (hopefully leaving before the snow flies and coming home after it has melted).
Leaving this year is dependent upon getting three Multi-Lift devices installed-one to lift me in and out of the door, the second one to lift me into the bed, and the third one to give me access to the bathroom. If all goes as planned, we will be leaving in mid-October! In a few days, we will be going on a second camping trip (dry camping this time-which means camping without electrical and water hookups) for the Labor Day weekend. Should be interesting! My next blog post will be about that adventure.
So that gives us about two months to get everything together! All four of us are very excited and looking forward to this adventure. I plan on blogging regularly to keep our family, friends and whoever else cares to read updated.

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