Sunday, April 27, 2014

A 'not so seasonal' migration

Well, the time is fast approaching (less than a month to go) when we will drive away from our little slice of heaven, and say goodbye to our little log home on the lake.  Even typing this, I tear up... not quite sure how we are going to be able to do it. Never mind leaving my parents and our dear friends But, do it we must - we have been sorting, packing, organizing, holding garage sales, interviewing renters, finishing up odd jobs around the house, pushing the girls through their remaining 'schoolwork' and having last visits with friends.

We made it home in time to Celebrate Hazels 6th Birthday

As emotional as I am about leaving, I am excited for this new adventure in our lives and looking forward to making our home on the other side of the country. As a Western girl, born and bred, I know this side of Canada pretty well....looking forward to exploring the East! And even the 10 day drive to get there!

The house we bought in New Brunswick

I hope to blog more regularly, but can't promise as we are going to get busier every week.

Spring is here, the ice went out and we had our first wiener roast of the season.

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