Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Best Laid Plans....

We should have been crossing into the USA right now.  We aren't and as a person who likes to plan things down to the hour (or minute, when possible....) it is driving me crazy - thank goodness for my better half, who has been repeating over and over "Chill out, it will be fine". And it will be.....

Trail near our hotel

After my last post, we continued our drive south to the Lower Mainland of BC, it was a beautiful day for a drive.  We love all the different environments in our province - it is such a diverse place (if I remember correctly BC is one of the only places with such a range of ecoregions).  The Cariboo region is starkly beautiful and an area I fell in love with when I attended university in the area.

After leaving the Cariboo, we started to wind down towards the Fraser Canyon (yes Stacy, I took the windy road photo for you) which is a spectacular drive, though a bit nerve wracking when towing a 36 foot trailer with a sheer dropoff to a river on one side and rocky cliffs on the other!

The girls and I figured out how to do 'school' in the best as we can anyhow.  It is a good time to memorize times tables, poems and Spanish words as well as reading aloud (even Hubby got into The Land of Stories) but not such a good time to write essays!  As long as it gets done in the end.....right?

We dropped the trailer off at Sidewinder Conversions (a truly great vehicle conversion shop) and headed to our hotel where we hung out, got lots of school done, and the girls swam and swam (I swear they are part mermaid). On Thursday, we saw my aunts and uncles who live here, and picked up an umbrella that mounts to my chair ( <-- GREAT PRODUCT ) which will be essential for winter on the West (wet) coast.

Thursday night was when a very, very stressful 24 hours began..... starting with getting stuck in a traffic jam for 3 hours! It was nearly midnight before we got back to our hotel, we were still excited because we thought that the trailer lifts were done and we would be heading across the border on Friday afternoon.We checked out of the hotel (major stress there, story to come later.....)

Well, despite an amazing amount of hardwork, and patience, from the guys at Sidewinder, it turned out that the lift they were trying to install wasn't long enough to lift me from my outside chair to my other chair inside the trailer. MAJOR BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only would we not be heading to the States that afternoon, we couldn't until Monday (hopefully the longer lift arrives as promised then) and would have to stay in the Lower Mainland for 3 extra nights <-- not in the budget!  Thankfully, the amazing guys at Sidewinder were able to make us a temporary ramp/platform which enabled us to camp in the trailer for the weekend.

We are at a very nice RV resort (Camperland at Bridal Falls) and have had a much less stressful day, getting some much needed laundry and organization done.

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